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TB Tests for New Employees and New Volunteers

Tuberculosis Screening (TB/Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test)

Can be completed by your physician/medical provider*, or by a School Nurse at KAHS or KES.

*If you are providing a copy of a TB test results, the test must be completed within 3 months.

If you would like to obtain a TB test at Kutztown School District please contact either:

Mrs.Brenda Loeb, Secondary School Nurse 610-683-7346 EXT 4 or at
Mrs. Tina Schmeck, Elementary School Nurse 610-683-3557 EXT 1 or

There is no charge for TB testing at KASD for new employees and new volunteers.

The test requires two visits:
The Mantoux test (tuberculin skin test)
A Mantoux test, also known as a tuberculin skin test, is a simple and safe test. A small amount of tuberculin purified protein derivative (Tubersol ®) is injected just under the top layer of skin on a person’s arm using a small sterile needle and syringe. The skin reaction (lump) is measured 2-3 days (between 48-72 hours) later and the result recorded.