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Welcome to another year...


Welcome to the 2022-23 school year!



Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we begin another productive school year at Kutztown Area School District, please allow me to share important school health information with our Elementary School families.

Immunizations & Exams: Pennsylvania School Health Law for enrollment and attendance in school requires that parents/guardians of a student provide documentation of required immunizations. If the child does not have documentation of all listed immunizations by the 5th day of school, the child will be excluded from attendance. Students meeting the medical exemption and or religious exemption provision, must have a signed exemption form or written letter.

School Vaccination Requirements for Attendance in Pennsylvania Schools

Pennsylvania School Health requires students have the following Medical EXAMS on file:

Physical Exams: initial Exam upon entry into a PA school either as a transfer student or new Kindergarten enrollment, an Exam in grade 6 (may be completed one year before the start of sixth grade), an Exam in grade 11(may be completed one year before the start of eleventh grade).

Dental Exams: initial Exam upon entry into a PA school either as a transfer student or new Kindergarten enrollment, an Exam in grade 3 (may be completed one year before the start of third grade), an Exam in grade 7(may be completed one year before the start of seventh grade).

Vision Exam or Screening: NEW for 2021-22 initial Vision Exam or screening upon entry into a PA school either as a transfer student or new Kindergarten enrollment.

Health and Learning: There is a clear connection between health and learning. When a child or child’s family member is ill, the entire family is affected and it can affect the child’s concentration and ability to learn. In addition to known medical conditions that currently affect your child, it is helpful to keep the school nurse informed of any conditions that arise throughout the school year - medical, emotional, and behavioral -involving your child. Some examples are:

  • Medication taken regularly at home, changes and new medications.
  • Scheduled surgeries and procedures.
  • Fractures, casts, crutches, sutures, splints. (Important for physical education and recess restrictions and mobility in the event of school evacuation).
  • Cardiac monitors worn during the school day. 
  • Acutely suspect and diagnosed Contagious conditions.
  • New medical testing- including results and follow-up treatment and child’s needs.

Being healthy and having positive self-esteem are two important factors in being able to learn.  Please be sure your student is well rested and nourished before coming to school each day.  Eating a nutritious breakfast each morning is important for school success. Personal hygiene is essential for good health and self-esteem.  Children need to be encouraged to be responsible to be clean: body, hair and teeth on a daily basis.

Important Health room information…

As we continue to return to normalcy post pandemic it is important to follow the KASD guidelines for when you should NOT send your child to school. Please refer to the KASD Health & Safety plan for this information.

Additionally, if your child has had a temperature 99.4°F or higher they MUST stay home for 24 hours. They can return when they are fever free for 24 hours without the aid of medication.

If your child has vomiting, diarrhea, or a severe cough your child should remain home for 24 hours.

Diagnosed communicable disease: Please report any diagnosed communicable disease (such as Strep throat, chicken pox, Measles, COVID-19, etc.) to the Nurse immediately.  Do not return to school until treatment has occurred or there is documentation that the child is free of communicable disease/ excuse stating able to return to school.
Special Health Needs. If your child has specific health needs, please communicate with the nurse each year so that individual accommodations, care plans, emergency action plans, or programs can be arranged based on your child’s current status.
Medication at school: Medication administration by a licensed nurse at school requires a medical provider completed KASD form that can be sent home by request or obtained on the KASD website.
Food allergies, Snacks and Party Treats:  Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods in Pennsylvania Schools encourage parents and caregivers to promote healthy eating and provide healthy snacks for school snack time. We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all of the children in our school. Many parents like to send something to school so that the class can celebrate their child’s birthday or holiday party.  If you wish to provide such a treat, please be aware that many children have food allergies. We suggest healthy, commercially prepared, individually wrapped treats with ingredients clearly listed. In this way, teachers can quickly certify that the contents are safe for all children in the class.
If you wish to send something that you’ve made yourself, please send the homemade treats with a list of ingredients used to make the treats. You may also consider providing non-food items or purchasing a birthday book for the classroom.  Pretzels, fruit snacks, and popcorn are examples of good treats to send. Please DO NOT send in soda or candy.

Nut FREE Classrooms: If your child shares a classroom with another child that has a severe life-threatening nut allergy, you will receive a letter of instructions regarding the Nut FREE Classrooms.

Clothing: Grades K, 1, & 2 …please keep an extra set of clothes, especially pants, underwear and socks, in your child’s backpack in case of any urinary accidents, lunchroom spills or contact with puddles at recess.  The health room has only a small supply of emergency clothing and is depleted from time to time. 
Please make sure the Health Room Form, that is sent home on the first day of school is complete, up to date, and returned to the school health office as soon as possible.

Wishing you and your child (ren) a successful and healthy academic year.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Warm Regards,


Tina Schmeck, RN, CSN,   



Certified School Nurse, KASD Elementary Schools
Greenwich Elementary   610.756.6948
Kutztown Elementary     610.683.3557

Ms. Vanessa Sherrer, RN  Staff Nurse: Greenwich Elementary   610.756.6948