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First Grade Math

Welcome to our First Grade Math Corner!

Here are several great resources for parents.
  • Click here for Eureka Math Tips for Parents, a resource page from the writers of the program.
  • From Great Kids!, a website with videos for parents of Eureka Math students. Click here to access this resource.
  • Click here for the National PTA's Parent's Guide to Student Success to find out what your kindergarten student will be learning. (Please note, exact content at KASD may differ.)
  • Click here to download parent tips sheets on each module from Barrington Public Schools.
  • Click here for the Lafayette Public Schools which has an enormous collection of resources just for parents. Be sure to scroll down for videos and module tip sheets. Please note: Lafayette school newsletters may contain information not consistent with KASD. 
  • Growing Up With Eureka: Scott Baldridge is one of the lead writers and mathematicians for Eureka Math. Click here to view his video blog documents his six-year-old’s journey in learning math.

Please note: KASD is not responsible for any content outside of the KASD website.